Tomorrow it will be the 31st

Tomorrow it will be the 31st and that 31st will be the 31st of October and who knows what that means.

My name is Jack and I have written some things.

Some of the things are 31st things in a way or a little bit.

Some of those.

The Way Home Waving is at Dream Journal

The Mantle is at Dream Journal as well

Yolk is at Ligeia

The Floating House is at Weird Horror

The Room Inside Inside the House is at ergot.

BD1099.D4 is at Mystery Tribune

Night Night is at Déraciné

Rat and twitching is at Mandrake

The Collapse and the Dreams is at Sublunary Review

Library Meeting is at Overheard

PRESIDENT EAGLE is at The Daily Drunk

Thank you.

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