i wish in october

  • I Wish in October (3)

    3 At a friend’s on another older Halloween I had given someone a shaking fright when I rose up suddenly from a bed in the darkened room they had walked into. They had laughed and said that I scared them, and then they were gone. I had not intended it. I was in costume asContinue reading “I Wish in October (3)”

  • I Wish in October (2)

    2 We used to go to a Halloween show at the park, when I was young; it was the same park that I sat in a long time after, pitying the ducks in their wasteland pond. It was the closest I came to the longing crux of the Eve and my expectations of it: weContinue reading “I Wish in October (2)”

  • I Wish in October (1)

    1 I wanted to be inside of that television orange. I was sat on a bench by a pond, the great volume of which had dried out, leaving turned mud and thinning puddles, and submerged trash and plastic bags, and threshed cans of Lilt, Coke, and Tango that blew in place of reeds and lilies.Continue reading “I Wish in October (1)”