The Frosted Glass Pane

A fleeting look may now be taken right through The Frosted Glass Pane, in the brandest newest Ligeia, released today. Thank you to Sean, Matt & Ashley.


Everybody is fastening their seatbelts because Complaint 96.9 at the Bureau of Complaint is a lot of TV basement bargain pitch idea deals for only 59c if you choose to believe it. And here are the bargains. Thank you to LJ.

Library Meeting in Overheard in print

Once there was a Library Meeting that was Overheard and newly it will be excitingly collected in the Overheard 2021-2022 anthology in print which is even available to order. The minutes to the Library Meeting are online as well. A Thursday hahaing was Overheard as well. And a summer in the citytime time. Thank you…

Stairs & horseys

Courtesy of Samuel M. Moss at very lovely ergot. there are two new stories up on it which are The Stair and The Horse on the Other Side of the Road and you can even read them right here.

Swamp Song

There is a song in the swamp at Spartan. Thank you to Ross & Miles.


Introducing for the delight of people generally at the time of the New Year Jellybean, and JELLYBEAN REMOVAL REQUEST., featured now amongst lovely writings and art selections in Lamplit Underground, Vol. 8 (‘Snow Myths’). Thank you to Janna.

Jellybean Pushcart

It is true that a JELLYBEAN REMOVAL REQUEST. has not yet been published but has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2022 for its appearance not yet but this month in the lovely Lamplit Underground. Who thought such a thing could happen! Evelyn Maguire of Overheard has been nominated as well! For Fascinated by Fungi!…


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