Swamp Song

There is a song in the swamp at Spartan. Thank you to Ross & Miles.


Introducing for the delight of people generally at the time of the New Year Jellybean, and JELLYBEAN REMOVAL REQUEST., featured now amongst lovely writings and art selections in Lamplit Underground, Vol. 8 (‘Snow Myths’). Thank you to Janna.

Jellybean Pushcart

It is true that a JELLYBEAN REMOVAL REQUEST. has not yet been published but has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2022 for its appearance not yet but this month in the lovely Lamplit Underground. Who thought such a thing could happen! Evelyn Maguire of Overheard has been nominated as well! For Fascinated by Fungi!…

The Palace on the Shore

The very first Cold Signal has been received. There is a Palace on the Shore. There are a great many beautiful things by a great many different people. There are a great many beautiful artworks, all of them courtesy of John. Thanks to John.

Tomorrow it will be the 31st

Tomorrow it will be the 31st and that 31st will be the 31st of October and who knows what that means. My name is Jack and I have written some things. Some of the things are 31st things in a way or a little bit. Some of those. The Way Home Waving is at Dream…

I Wish in October (9)

9After sitting on the bench and looking at the bags and ducks, we went on our walk through the park. I remember the very pleasant afternoon; the trees were crispy, the sky behind them gleamed chilliest blue, the earth was damp and packed in smooth in the woods, runny and puddled in by the streams…

I Wish in October (8)

8I did not take control of the season.I did not pursue a thing; I waited for it to happen. When the thing didn’t happen, I would continue waiting. I would become quite tired. There was a lot of waiting, and a lot of being tired.Somewhere between the American Halloween and the late twenties Halloween I…

I Wish in October (7)

7 I remember being ten and describing to a friend an atmosphere, an aesthetic: ‘It’s like sort of punk Halloween, you know.’ He didn’t know. Nobody did or does. A very specific thing I was trying to speak about: a bedroom, a little like my own, decorated, black window, a harsh white skull on a…


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