11.00 Mayoral Broadcasts Archives
The archival footage series runs this week with selections from Mayor Reed’s unorthodox 1974 campaign. Clips include the infamous ‘bar interviews,’ walks about town, dances about town, and the surviving footage of Reed’s unparalleled service in invocation of the forgotten Saint-in-the-Reeds.

1.00 The Big Creek Parade (FILM) *****
See Editor’s Choice.

4.45 Who Is Gutted My Fish (FILM) *****
See Editor’s Choice.

7.00 Under the Covers with Jan & Barn
Talk show with Jan & Barn Teller. Jan & Barn are joined under the covers by special guests from town. From the comfort of bed they discuss new gossip on passersby, and speculate about who might leave the bars with whom.

8.30 Bear Creek Hunnies
Reality show. Tonight’s special episode sees the town’s Head Wives out and about on their annual Past Midnight Rounds. Polish up and swill your shine, boys! Dedicated to those who were not by dusk indoors that night.

9.00 Rockaby
Reality show following the Cradle Lady. The Cradle Lady gets into a skirmish with a nameless woods man out miles beyond her house when neither will show the other their nursling.

9.50 D.A.I.
The Back to Bearcreeks production team continue their search for the cause behind Bear Creek TV’s intermittent periods of dead air. Contains upsetting scenes.

10.10 Back to Bearcreeks
9/9. Investigative documentary series. Tonight’s bombshell episode follows the ongoing investigations of James Dudley, who in 1988 claimed to see the Intrepid Society on the ridge past the woods – two full weeks before they returned to town.

12.00 Dream Is…
Tune in for more dreams from Bear Creek’s dear residents. Whose dreams hit the airwaves tonight? Yours? Alfred (Franklin)’s? Your dear sweetheart’s? If you’re tuned in and watching, it can’t be yours – and if everybody’s tuned in watching, and no one is asleep, whose gaunt night wanderings are those getting through the antennae? Ready to look at your neighbours with new suspicions on the morrow.

LATE. Bear Creek Hunnies L8
The Head Wives deal with their catch. Where possible, DO NOT WATCH for maintenance of personal health.

LATE. This Isn’t Bear Creek
See Editor’s Choice.

LATE. Woodswalk
See Editor’s Choice.

LATE. TV Shopping
Shopping with Tim Dudley. Tonight’s auction includes the thimbles recovered beyond the woods by the Intrepid Society’s 1990 expedition. With Sleepy Jan & Barn to sing you ‘Good Night, Good Morning,’ and a tribute to those back from the woodswalk.


1.00 The Big Creek Parade
Big Buckin Jr.’s Grizzly Award-winning film depicting the tragic events at the 1955 Bear Creek Parade. With Big Buckin Sr. and Judy ‘Doody’ Wattle. Contains distressing and reverent scenes. (Cert R, 1963)

4.45 Who Is Gutted My Fish
Big Buckin Sr.’s fifty-ninth and final film as director. Krat the stablehand forges a dark path when somebody tampers with his salmon at the creekbank. Who gutted that salmon – and who put the little person inside it? With Krat Dudley. (Cert R, 1943)

LATE. This Isn’t Bear Creek
It isn’t the creek the town is a lot of things and all at once so it is a bear creek but only one and not at the same time like the makeup particle becomes it only through observer it becomes when I see becomes when you see will be different creeks different bears different towns different weeping panics at the nightly knowledges and the emptiness of continuity

LATE. Woodswalk
Nightly walking show. Those dozing in armchair, bed, couch, elsewhere, are invited. Put on your boots. Drift but not back into your hypnagogias and past life illusions – woodswalk with us; drift into your set as it slows through the woods. We do not woodswalk by day or light. What betterment to your bed or sitting room, with a branch brushed face and a leaf lapped wind. Woodswalk with us, and we will walk only towards the night pit, and never when it slopes back up to dawn. Bring constitution for quiet and calm, and protections in case of Cradle Lady.

All programming © Bear Creek TV. Bear Creek TV is licensed only to broadcast productions filmed within Bear Creek Limits (Widest), or funded by the town of Bear Creek.

Originally published in the Bear Creek Gazette, Issue 2.